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Our trading plan is very easy – we are searching for good altcoins opportunities and provide you info in our channel. You are buying these altcoins for BTC and then, after the price raise, you are selling them for more BTC than you spend on it. To earn with us you need only access to our signals and Binance account.

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About The Crypto-signals

We are an experienced group of traders and we provide high quality crypto signals. Our strategy, based on 8 years of trading experience, allows us to find certain investment patterns in the cryptocurrency market.
To give you maximum profit, we are searching only altcoins which are at the bottom – we buy only on specific buy zones and it really helps to maximize profit and minimize losses.

We provide short/mid/long term signals and we are also publishing many useful information about current cryptocurrency situation.


Competitive Benefit

We do not only follow technical analysis, but we also play on altcoins events and take care about the situation and events from the world which is often crucial not only for the cryptocurrency market but for all investment markets.


Based on 53 reviews.


I just sold UBT with very nice profit. Now waiting for pump on new signals. Until now everything is good here, im very satisfied. Long term strategy and your updates are very useful.


UBT and XTZ easy money! Thank you


thx for xtz signal fast money this is how i like to do


Thank you for updating long term list, on previous I made x4 and now I will buy these coins from new list


Go go xtz for next targets bcs I want to buy more coins from list. 🙂


BEST long term strategy here Im really happy that I joined month ago and I bought coins from your golden list THANKS!!!

Kyle Rodriguez

Big respect for your work, site looks amazing and content give real profits and knowledge.


Thank you for sharing your long-term strategy as well, for me it is even more important than short-term signals.


Best signals channel!


Clear technical and fundamental analysis specialists who understand the specifics of the cryptocurrency market. I recommend it with great pleasure, because it pays off.


I put part of my crypto money in that new altcoins list for longterm. I hope it will be profitable as all other signals here.

Signals brother

Thanks a lot for sharing your long term strategy with us! I will put on these altcoins part of my portfolio as you sugested. Im also waiting for new signal, please give us another reef 🙂

Piter T

Thank you for your work. Content is very usfeul for me. Signals could be more often but they prefer to put only quality signals so less signals but all signals gave me huge profit. Worth of this money for sure.


Best signals group!


I admit that I would like to pay even more for such profitable investment signals. Thats true, and I hope you will keep this activity as long as possible.


This group of traders is doing better than one man and this shows in the results. In short, it is worth it. Everyone benefits from joining.


Lots of interesting strategies and you can improve your knowledge of altcoins, the entire cryptocurrency market.

Mark K

I joined and earned more in a month than in 2 years without them

Anthony Tyler

I don`t trust reviews nor do I usually write them. I`m always sceptical but I really wanted to check this website. I`m subscriber from 1 month and I have no regrets. All you need to earn to do is read trading tips and follow their signals.

smart traderr

I`m member of few signals channel but this place is top1, trading with crypto-signals always ends by huge profit.


Huge profit from REEF signal it was great decision to join here!


Useful trading tips and always profitable signals, Im very satisfied after first month of subscription I will renew it for sure.


+140% thanks to your REEF signal! Best signal until now, guys you are THE BEST


$12000 earned from reef signal, many thanks! I hope that our new coin will give us same profit. You just get loyal client...

Trader X

Thanks for REEF signal I am +100%

Reef <3

I invested 1 BTC in reef and I sold it for 2,2 BTC. More than 100% profit! Love you reef and love you <3


I just renewed subscription for another 3 months I want to say THANK YOU so I would like to write review too. 🙂 THANK YOU for your work I earned a lot with your help


I recommand this website, It was very useful for me. The signal I received from this site was very profitable for me. Thank you very much.


Best signals channel which I tried and I tried many of them. Finally I found good place and I will stay here for long time.


Awesome place, awesome signals, huge profits, I cant believe that I made my money x2 in less than month


5/5 they are the best

Crypto rabbit

10/10, I have nothing to add, everything has already been written


Been a member for a month and a half. I can only say about them in superlatives. Great work guys!


Scams or site with nice front and poor content inside everywhere. I was searching place like this where good analyzing team will make that work for me and give me ready profitable signals and finally I found it. This site is real, try and you won`t regret!


I have learned here a lot of things. Signals are always profitable and this knowledge which I learned here will be very useful for future. Best place like this

Allison Davis

Best looking signals group with best content inside. <3


After i joined here i totally changed my trading strategy selling on many different targets is the best way to maximize profit. I wish i knew all things included in tips a long time ago - maybe i wouldnt lost part of my money in past. Now with you only good profits i hope 🙂


I got 50% investment return after subscribing per 1 month. This signals subscription plan very useful I got. I would like to subscribe it again for the next three months. Thanks

Trading GURU



Very good signals provider, this group is different than groups which I found before.


I`m here from 2 months and all signals was +50% profit, 0 failed signals till now, guys you are amazing!


Cost of 1 month subscription earned from first target of first signal and I think I will earn much more after we reach next targets. Very good services, worth of this money without doubt!


Thank you for juicy profit from last signal. My subscriptions has almost finished but I already renewed it for 1 year. This is not even 1/10 of amount which I earned on last signal, it is really worth.


I want to just say thank you, thank you for your work, it was best decision to join here!


I am already after one month of subscription and I am very satisfied. Signals and tips inside are very useful.


Good analysing team, profitable signals and useful trading tips inside, highly recommended.


2000 USD profit in few days. I know that this is nothing for you and you already have big clients group but maybe this comment will help you to get new ones. If you have any doubt - dont be afraid and join this platform, this is best signals place in the world!


AWESOME signals! I`m member from one month and no even 1 signal with loss... They always gave stop loss info but it wasnt needed yet. 🙂


I was not sure but I read some reivews and then I bought access. First trade with these guys = +70% for me! Thank you for your work, you just got loyal customer.


There is no better signals channel than Thank you for your work guys!


First signal here and i am + almost +80%. Keep these signals quality and i will be your loyal customer.


I really was sceptical about services like this one, I found some scam groups before, but this one is different - these guys really know how to invest money and they sharing only high profitable signals. Joining here was my best decision since I`m in cryptocurrency world.


Best signals group, I`m so glad to find you, thanks for your work!

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Safe & Secure
Safe & Secure
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Easy Payment
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Profitable signals
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Smart Notifications

Professional Experts

We are proud of our great analyzing team. We are the only ones who employ the most experienced traders who analyze the cryptocurrency market for you every day.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ), are questions and answers which we are often asked. If you need more help you can always use contact form.

Cryptocurrency is a form of payment that can be exchanged online for goods and services. Many companies have issued their own currencies, often called tokens, and these can be traded specifically for the good or services that the company provides. Think of them as of arcade tokens or casino chips. You’ll need to exchange real currency for the cryptocurrency to access the goods or services.

An Altcoin is an alternative digital currency to Bitcoin. The word Altcoin is a portmanteau of “alternative” and “coin”, to form “altcoin”. It actually refers to a group of cryptocurrencies, ultimately all the cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin.

Altcoins are projects with much smaller marketcap than Bitcoin. The risk is greater, but it is also directly proportional to the reward. Altcoins can raise much more than Bitcoin and if you will be smart and you will realize your profit on our sell zones, you will multiply your bitcoins very quickly.

In our signals, we set safe purchasing levels and then several sales targets resulting from technical analysis. Sell your altcoins by going back to bitcoin as soon as you make a profit you are satisfied with!


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